KlearBroker is designed to help the energy broker and supplier work faster, close more deals and drive sales. Automate and accelerate the administration of energy broker and supplier business by allowing focus on the critical aspects of selling and providing value-added services to your customer. Spend less time entering data and preparing reports and more time in front of your customers.

• Qualify leads with relevant energy usage data
• Acquire customers by capturing gas and electric energy accounts
• Automatically populated utility and supplier data
• Manage utility and supplier relationships
• Manage channel partner relationships and payments
• Generate customer agreements from templates
• Enter detailed energy usage manually or by file import
• Generate a forecast from historic usage
• Modify the forecast to account for weather normalization, changes in customer usage
• Manage contract solicitation process by generating request for proposal (RFP)
• Accept and award bids from one or more suppliers
• Convert the winning bid into a contract
• Automatically generate a renewal opportunity

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