Strategic Consulting has an open and extensible architecture with a vibrant ecosystem in the AppExchange. When implementing as part of the overall solution set, it is critical to understand what the platform can do and perhaps equally important to understand the limitations of the platform. Kloudhaven can analyze existing business practices and technology, strategic objectives and recommend a roadmap for achieving those aspirations.

Case Study: Strategic Consulting for a Large International Brand

A large international brand was looking to transform by decreasing its foot print of owned and managed properties, lower costs through automation and increase their value proposition to franchise properties. They had made a strategic decision to implement as a CRM and SFA solution. This solution was to integrate existing sales and catering solutions, revenue management solutions and their central reservation system.
Kloudhaven’s consultancy was engaged to manage an eight-week discovery process. The discovery delivered an analysis of the current state business and technology and produce a recommendation for future state architecture. Kloudhaven’s consultants acted as project manager and lead consultant of a process that included a three-week series of discovery meetings including stakeholders from global event sales, aircrew, tour and leisure, various technical teams and representation from on property group sales and catering.
The output of the process was a strategic recommendation and road map that is currently being used to guide the implementation of next generation sales technology and support the transition to a lower-cost, higher-value franchise organization.

Solution Architecture

Defining the right solution requires an understanding of the associated business process and the technology involved. In hospitality, one must know the business segments and associated business processes, and the various technology solutions available. The solution architecture must define the current state, future state and the transitional stages.
Kloudhaven’s consultancy has worked with the largest and most well-known hotel brands to define and document solution architecture. This includes analysis of the current architecture and development of models (deployment, component, sequence), definition of end-state architecture and development of transitional states.
Kloudhaven’s experience and expertise in’s platform and hospitality products and solutions makes us uniquely qualified to provide this service.


We have experience with dozens of implementations and have direct experience implementing custom hospitality solutions including:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Social Media configuration with Salesforce and Twitter for Facebook
  • Email Marketing Solutions such as Vertical Response
  • Financial Integration Solutions such as Quickbooks integration
  • Survey Integration with Timba Surveys
  • Installation and Configuration of Newmarket International’s leading Salesforce solution – Delphi.fdc
  • Data Migration and Transformation leveraging a variety of tools including Data Loader, DBAmp, and Informatica

We also have strong industry partnerships with Salesforce implementors, system integrators, training and business process re-engineering firms and product vendors which allows us to scale to meet more complex implementation requirements.


Training is absolutely critical to the deployment of customer relationship management and sales force automation solutions. Poorly executed training could lead to confidence issues, adoption challenges and business impact up to including impact on the guest.

Kloudhaven can ensure a high-quality training experience with deep expertise on the platform and the hospitality vertical.

  • Development of a training strategy aligning with Change Management, Adoption and Deployment plans.
  • Development of custom training collateral leveraging a body of existing training assets.
  • Instructor-led training in-person and/or web-based, as needed.
  • Scale to deliver simultaneous training to distributed groups of stakeholders.